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Half Day Fishing “Dawn Patrol” 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM 6 Hours 3-4 Passengers $600/Total

                                                                                       6 Hours 1-2 Passengers $400/Total

Half Day Fishing “Afternoon Session” 11:00 AM–5:00 PM 6 Hours 3-4 Passengers $600/Total

                                                                                                  6 Hours 1-2 Passengers $400/Total

All tackle included on all trips. 

The half day San Diego deep sea fishing trip is great for anglers with limited time to get out and fish. This private charter fishing boat is great fun for families and kids or beginner fisherman to experience sport fishing the beautiful Pacific waters in and around San Diego. There are a lot of great options. You can fish the kelp beds from Point Loma to La Jolla, or fish for many different types of species such as Halibut, Rockfish, Calico Bass or Sand bass. Great Family Fun!


3/4 Day Fishing “Best Value” 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM - 9 Hours 3-4 Passengers $800/Total

                                                                                     9 Hours 1-2 Passengers $600/Total

The 3/4 day fishing trip gives you more time to fish some of the same 1/2 day fishing options or go look for kelp paddies holding Yellowtail and Dorado in the Summer and Fall months. You could also go out for Mako and Thresher shark fishing in the La Jolla Canyon to the 9 mile bank. 


Full Day Fishing “Hunters Special” 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM - 12 Hours -

                                                                                            3-4 Passengers $1000/Total

                                                                             2 Hours- 1-2 Passengers $800/Total

The full day fishing trip gives you more time to fish some of the same 3/4 day spots or offshore kelp paddies, off shore fishing Mexico or Coronado Islands. This trip is for those who “love” to fish. We can custom make this trip. You have a lot of options and can combine several types of fishing for a fun filled fishing day. "The best 4-pack fishing charter."

                                                                    Check out our latest videos 




"I love taking kids out fishing but

I really like taking kids out catching"

Check out the ORCA video

Latest Review of Sand Witch Sport Fishing

       “Dear Captain Noonan I'm taking a minute to thank you for a great time my boys and I had last Saturday. Never again will we charter a Party Boat since the last time we were on one we didn't get to fish, the captain took use on a boat ride for a half day, talk about a waste of time and Money, not to say it wasn't fun , hell we did better from the pier. So after talking to you on the phone setting this trip up for us, I could tell this was going to be good , but it wasn't IT WAS EXCELLENT!. Anyone considering to go fishing and you want to catch fish with a qualified license Captain, as well as a first class fishing guide, with many years experienced, look no further than Captain Noonan of Sand Witch Sport Fishing . Captain Greg put us on the fish all day we had to stop fishing so we could eat lunch, nonstop action the whole day, and the best thing about it was we were not herded in like cattle shoulder to shoulder tangling lines with people we didn't know, it is a private charter with personal service. Let me tell you from our experience. Experience the difference, Experience Sand Witch Sport Fishing. 


                                       Sincerely, Randy Partlow, Morongo Valley, CA. 

California Sport Fishing License with Ocean Enhancement Stamp Required

Price Includes:

bait & tackle

or bring your own tackle

fish cleaning

 4 pack charters are fun and relaxing.  

Pay when boarding- Cash Only (active military discount)

Call For Reservations

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